Custom Clocks in Christiansted, VI

Clocks are much more than just timepieces—they can be the focal point of your interior design theme and an integral part of the décor in any room, not to mention a captivating piece of art on their own. Mitchell Larsen Studio creates custom clocks in Christiansted, VI that are applicable as all of these and more! Our glass clocks are beautiful works of art, functional timepieces and wonderful pieces of décor, no matter what home they’re hung in.

Affordable and Beautiful

The problem with many beautiful clocks is that they fetch extremely high prices as standalone works of art. This makes them unattainable for many people who want to bring a beautiful custom clock into their home!

Mitchell Larsen Studio wants to give you the gift of a beautiful clock at an affordable price. Our clocks range in price from just $35.00 to $65.00 and are made with the highest quality and attention to detail. Plus, our custom clocks come in assorted colors and can be ordered to your specifications. More than just bringing you glass art in Christiansted, VI, we make artistic clocks that are attainable to the average person.

Wall Clocks

WALL CLOCKS – $35.00


DESK CLOCKS – $45.00

WALL CLOCKS – $50.00

WALL CLOCKS – $65.00

Totally Functional

When you order one of our whimsical wall clocks as a gift for your own home or someone else’s, you’re getting both a work of art and a functional timepiece. Our custom clocks are very easy to set the time and even easier to look at! Whether it’s hanging in your kitchen, living room or somewhere else, trust it to give you the right time and captivate your gaze each time you look at it.

Give the Gift of Time

Our custom clocks are stunningly beautiful and totally functional, giving you a focal centerpiece for your kitchen, living room or dining area. Introduce one into your home or share one as a unique gift for someone who appreciates art—we promise it’ll become a staple piece of décor no matter where it’s hung! Visit our shop today to see our unique pieces for yourself or call us today at 340-719-1000 if you have questions. We offer photographics and aerial drone photography, along with customized glass ornaments, dinner plates, and other custom and miscellaneous pieces in Christiansted and St. Croix, VI, along with the rest of the US Virgin Islands.

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