The Process

Concept and Glass Cutting

Each design that we conceive is hand-drawn by Jan and then scanned into a computer. The computer processes the shape into a digital format, which is sent to the glass-cutting machine. The high-tech flow water jet machine precisely cuts the shapes using extremely high water pressure.

Coloring the Glass

The cut glass pieces get their color from finely ground glass. The colored ground glass is applied by hand to each piece by Jan or one of her expertly trained studio apprentices. When the artistic process of coloring the shapes is finished, the powdered glass is melted to a semi-soft state in the kiln.

Fusing the Glass

Elsewhere in the studio, large sheets of glass are cut into different sized plates and trays. The plates and trays are placed in the kiln. Then, the cut glass shapes are gently added to the plates and trays. The result is a permanent bonding (or fusing) of cut glass, ground glass, and sheet glass creating colorful, beautiful, and finished products.

Contact Mitchell Larsen Studio in Christiansted, Virgin Islands, at (340) 719-1000 for more information about why our process produces some of the best art glass you’ll find.