Aerial Drone Photography

I have always been a sucker for peeling paint and crumbling bricks, and on St Croix there is no shortage of both. I started recording some of those fascinating, often historic structures almost 30 years ago and regrettably some of them have succumbed to weather or neglect.

During that time we upgraded the camera equipment several times and ended up with a Contax 645, Apo Macro lenses and a Danish digital Phase One back. Most of the images here are 100MB prints from that camera and printed on an Epson Stylus Pro. Lately we have purchased drone equipment fitted out with a high resolution camera. Images are displayed separately under:Drone Picks.

  • A common size photo 20x30inch, rolled up in a 4inch shipping tube costs $90.
  • The drone shots are about 20x15inch and sell for $40.

Please call for information. We ship with USPS (Priority Mail)
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