Custom Glass in Christiansted, VI

Custom glass in Christiansted, VI is a beautiful gift to purchase as a keepsake for yourself or a present for someone else. When you’re looking for truly gorgeous work, done by a renowned artist, there’s no better place to start your search for the right piece than with Mitchell Larsen Studio. All of the pieces we design are handmade, created especially for each customer with a focus on originality and quality.

Our Process

For custom glass décor in Saint Croix, VI, we follow a thorough process that ensures your custom idea is being processed with care and created in the image of your design. Here’s how it works:

  • Design

    We start by working with you to design the custom piece you’re envisioning. Each design is sketched and scanned into a computer, digitized into a format that can be further refined and perfected. We collaborate with you to make sure the final rendering is exactly what you want it to look like.

  • Cutting

    Once your design is finalized, we take the design file and program it into our state-of-the-art glass cutting machine. The machine uses high-pressure water to make intricate, specific cuts to shape your glass.

  • Coloring

    Once the glass is cut, we apply color by hand it each piece! This process requires specialized materials and a delicate approach, ensuring the color is rich and vibrant after the entire piece is fired.

  • Firing

    When color is done being applied, your custom glass creation is placed in our kiln and fired. During this process, powdered glass is melted into a semi-soft state that allows the color to take hold.

  • Fusing

    When the coloring process is finished, individual glass pieces are then added to plates and trays to create the final work of art. These arrangements are placed back into the kiln for a second round of firing, to bond all of the pieces together. Everything comes out as a finished product that looks beautiful and gleams brilliantly.

Design a Custom Glass Piece

Want our world-class artists to bring a totally custom glass to life for you? Share your idea with us and we’ll get to work firing glass that’s truly one-of-a-kind, based on your design. Stop in today to consult with us and learn how our pieces are made or give us a call at 340-719-1000 to discuss your needs. We offer photographics and aerial drone photography, along with custom glass ornaments, dinner plates, clocks, and other miscellaneous pieces in Christiansted and St. Croix, VI, along with the rest of the US Virgin Islands.

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