Glass Christmas Ornaments in Christiansted, VI

The holiday season is marked by decorations and for many, one of the most special times of the year is decorating the Christmas tree. The ornaments on the tree can tell a story about your family and life through the years, which is why many people take the time to buy special ornaments that have sentimental value.

If you’re looking to add something special to your tree this year, Mitchell Larsen Studio can help. We make handcrafted glass Christmas ornaments in Christiansted, VI in a variety of shapes, styles and colors, helping you commemorate a special visit to the Virgin Islands on your Christmas tree!

Handmade Glass Ornaments

Our glass Christmas ornaments in Christiansted, VI are something special to behold and are unlike anything you’ll find in stores. Each one is designed and crafted by the artist, fired and finished to perfection. In fact, our ornaments have even had a special place on the Tree of Peace in Washington, D.C. for the past several years!

We make our authentic designs and inspiring works of art available to anyone who wants to bring them home to their own tree. Our ornaments are available in a variety of colors, and we have various collections to help make sure you get the theme you want for your tree.

Best of all, all ornaments are just $12!

Our Collections

With dozens of different designs spread across several amazing collections, you’ll have no trouble finding a glass Christmas ornament that speaks to you. We promise whichever one(s) you take home, they’ll look stunning on your tree. Browse our various collections:

2023 Collection

Animal Collection

Birds & Bugs Collection

Christmas Collection

Dogs & Cats Collection

Flowers Collection

Religious Collection

Sea Creatures Collection

St. Croix Collection

Decorate Your Tree!

This year, hang beautiful new Christmas ornaments on your tree, courtesy of Mitchell Larsen Studio. Pick one from any of our collections or let us design one that’s totally unique to you—no matter what, we promise it’ll gleam vibrantly from your tree. Contact us today at 340-719-1000 to get started. We offer photographics and aerial drone photography, along with customized glass dinner plates, clocks, and other custom and miscellaneous pieces in Christiansted and St. Croix, VI, along with the rest of the US Virgin Islands.